Time to shop for “the holidays” NOW?! Really?

If you like to take one holiday at a time like me, you might be thinking, “We just got through Halloween. I don’t even have my gift list made yet!” But supply chain issues continue to threaten, well … supply.

Ok then. In the spirit of giving, here’s a starter list of 21 gift ideas for your beloved amputees (and stay tuned for our next post, specifically geared toward kids & teens):

*Disclaimer: the following are examples, not endorsements for specific products or brands. Some gift ideas are relevant for upper limb amputees, while others apply to those living with lower limb loss.

Mother Nature:

For outdoor lovers, we found plenty of great options, including …


  • Yoga for amputees – Options include online group & private courses with an emphasis on “wholeness after limb loss”.
  • Strength training resistance bands – Building strength is essential to maintaining residual muscles, bones, & joints, not to mention balance. Trevor Bunch, a bilateral above the knee amputee who started FitBunch, has shared coaching videos for those who aren’t already working with professional physical therapists, and bands can be purchased at a local store like Walmart or online. For example: Theraband

Technology Tip:

  • USB charger – “game changer,” According to Bjoern Eser, founder of the “Active Amputee”. For those who enjoy being active, his blog is worth a look. He shares experiences about hiking, canoeing, and camping; and he’s tested a new Ottobock USB charger. Additionally, he shares tips for advanced use, including a small foldable solar panel & power bank, which he claims allows him “to be completely independent and far away from any electricity outlet for weeks at a time.” **Note he’s using a Genium microprocessor knee. Please consult us or another licensed prosthetist for help selecting the right charger for you or your loved one.


Just put on your clothes & go, right? Not so fast, if you’ve experienced limb loss.

  • Ever had to put a bra on? If so, you know. If not, welcome to school – Bra-easy
  • Who knew? Tommy Hilfiger – makes adaptive clothing.
  • Belts – are a thing of the past? Well, that is until you have to suit up for a wedding or job interview without a helping hand!

Got It?! Now You Do:

  • Best head lamps for hands-free lighting – Just a thought. And who doesn’t love this? Practical & fun stocking stuffer?
  • Hands-free jar opener – The Robo Twist electric, one touch jar opener does most of the work for you.
  • Reacher/grabber tool – A friend shared, “My doctor’s office sent me home with one, but then my Mom got me this. Way better!”
  • Ramps – Have you ever tried to get up steps with one leg? Or none? Specializing in prosthetics, we see it every day. Lower limb amputees face challenges able-bodied people rarely consider. Local folks might want to visit Mullaney’s.
  • One hand cutting board – Rosanna’s promise = “If I personally have not found a tool to be useful and functional for the one-handed user it will not be sold here. If you see it here, I have tested it out and use it myself!”

Personal Care:

  • My liner buddy – Many amputees find this to be an essential everyday tool to easily dry their prosthetic liners after washing.
  • Shower chair – We’ve gotten several first-hand recommendations for this one. It’s sturdy and comes with a back rest.
  • Nail trimmer – Another … who knew?! Seems great.
  • Traumatic amputee leg wrap – Not gonna lie. This one is pricey. The claim is: “Active pneumatic (air) compression helps the body pump away swelling and stimulate the flow of oxygen-rich blood. Efficient and even cooling further reduces swelling, muscle spasms, and pain.”

Just for Fun:

  • Whatever clock –  Feeling frustrated with the extra time it takes to go about your daily routine and need some comic relief? This clock made us laugh!


There are so many great ones out there; however, with limited space on this post we’re suggesting just a few that caught our attention and have rave reviews. In addition to Amazon & big chain retailer sites, you can see what others have to say about these books and more at goodreads.

  • Living with No Excuses “Military hero and beloved Dancing with the Stars alum, Noah Galloway shares his life story, and how losing his arm and leg in combat forced him to relearn how to live–and live to the fullest.”
  • WHOLE: A Leg Up on Life The decision to “cut off your daughter’s foot” was not an easy one for Kendra Herber’s parents, after she was born with a malformed foot in Fairborn, Ohio. This lesser-known author shares her accomplishments and challenges as a life-time amputee in her inspirational memoir published last year.

**Ask an Expert:

Many amputees need ongoing prosthetic care. If you or a loved one is in need, Prosthetix Shop can help. Prosthetix Shop specializes in custom fabrication of lower and upper limb prosthesis. Please also contact Prosthetix Shop with any gift purchase questions you may have. We can likely provide guidance. For example, we can weigh in on essential supplies like suspension sleeves, compression socks, and “water” (aka shower) legs.

Just call us at (513) 843-5126 or email us at info@prosthetixshop.com.

Happy shopping!

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