Patient Rights Policy

It is the patient’s right to make informed decisions regarding his/her care. Prosthetix Shop allows for and encourages the patient’s direct involvement, whenever possible, in the development and revision of his/her plan of care.


Prosthetix Shop will explain in appropriate detail to the patient, in terms he/she can understand, information relating to why the prescribed service or treatment is appropriate for and necessary to address his/her present condition.

Discuss with the patient what responsibilities, if any, he/she may have in the care and treatment process.

Explain to the patient the nature and purpose of any technical procedure that may be performed, as well as who will perform that procedure.

Inform the patient of any possible alternatives to the prescribed treatment that may be appropriate.

Consider the patient’s request when developing or revising a plan of care, treatment and/or service.

Inform the physician of the patient’s input, if appropriate, concerning possible care, treatment and/or service options.