Ongoing Care Tips

It is essential for amputees who utilize prostheses (such as prosthetic legs and/or arms)  to know how to best take care of their residual limb and prosthetic device. Keeping up with ongoing care ensures that the prosthesis is working at optimum capacity and helps prevent health and functionality complications down the line. This is why our ongoing care tips for prosthetics are vital to ensuring the lifetime of your prosthesis. 

There are several ongoing steps that should be taken, but the main things to remember are the following:

  • Follow your prosthetic wearing schedule
  • Maintain proper hygiene
  • Have regular checkups with your doctor or prosthetist

It is very important to wear your prosthesis on a regular basis or according to your wearing schedule outlined by your prosthetist. Prosthetic limbs need to be worn regularly in order to promote movement and keep muscles flexible. Wearing time for prostheses varies in terms of the type of device you have and/or the level of amputation. 

In addition to maintaining proper personal hygiene, make sure that you always clean your prosthesis as instructed by your prosthetist. Always remove your prosthesis for activities where it might not be suitable, such as when entering the shower or bathtub. Unless you have a prosthetic shower leg, of course – and we can help with that. Following proper prosthetic cleanliness habits will help keep both the device and your skin clean and bacteria-free. 

Here at Prosthetix Shop, we understand that each individual’s needs and experiences with prosthetic limbs are unique. Whenever we have a patient who has a new prosthetic device, we make sure to check in with them as much as needed to make sure that they’ve fully adjusted to it. If you ever experience any problems with your prosthetic device or need additional care tips, we are here for you – simply give us a call at (513) 843-5126 in the greater Cincinnati, tri-state area or (859) 440-3178 for Northern Kentucky, or at (614) 500-4215 in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

We make sure to provide as much care and support as we can. As such, we decided to create guides for those who may need some help with the steps involved in wearing and caring for their individualized prosthesis.

To insure that your prosthesis performs to the highest possible standards, we offer a selection of guides to help you learn how to care for your device.

Above Knee Joint and Waist Belt Care

Above Knee Silesian or TES Belt Care

Elevated Vacuum Care

Locking Pin Care