Our Story

Prosthetix Shop is the premier prosthetics and orthotics facility in Cincinnati, Ohio providing state-of the-art, expert and licensed prosthetic and orthotic care throughout the tri-state area. Patients actually seek us out because we’ve earned the trust and respect of their peers, surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, nurses and aides.

Simply put, we’re here to create a successful outcome for you!


Aaron Moles

Aaron MolesProsthetix Shop was founded by Aaron Moles, who graduated from Northwestern University’s Prosthetic & Orthotic Certificate Program in 2004, following his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Wright State University.

He is an expert in the design and custom fabrication of prosthetic devices and appliances and is licensed in Prosthetics by the State of Ohio. Aaron’s experience in the medical field began in 1989 as a Search and Rescue Specialist in the United States Navy.

Aaron’s experience includes working with body-powered and bionic prosthesis, myoelectric limbs, the Rheo Knee, the Power Knee, C-legs, and Proprio Feet. He has also been a long-time advocate of the Ertl reconstruction, and has assisted local surgeons in numerous procedures. Aaron has also presented at the International Human Cadaver Prosection Program at IUSM-Northwest and regularly provides educational workshops on amputee care at local hospitals.

Sam Mitchell

Sam MitchellSam Mitchell is Prosthetix Shop’s Licensed Orthotist. He received his graduate degree in Orthotics from Northwestern University in 2013, following his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Cincinnati in 2011. He’s currently participating in the advanced Master’s program for Prosthetics and Orthotics at the University of Hartford.

Sam is licensed in Orthotics by the State of Ohio and specializes in the prescription, design and management of both custom-fit and prefabricated orthotic devices, appliances and braces for the spine, knees and ankles including: CO, LSO, TLSO, CTLSO, AFO, KAFO and KO.

Sam’s certifications include: the Certificate of Orthotic Fitter Course and the Certificate of Human Cadaver Prosection Program. He also provides educational workshops for orthotic care at local medical facilities.


It is our mission to improve our patients’ quality of life, helping them to successfully and fully re-engage in their vocational and recreational activities.