Here at Prosthetix Shop, it is our mission to improve our patients’ quality of life, helping them to successfully and fully re-engage in their vocational and recreational activities.

Prosthetix Shop is an industry leader in Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio providing state-of-the-art, expert and licensed prosthetic and orthotic care throughout the tri-state area. We are known for more than just our great prosthetic products – it is our specialized, hands-on quality of service that inspires the trust and respect of our patients, their peers, surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, nurses and aides.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Upper and lower limb prostheses
  • Amputee care and support
  • Body-powered and bionic prostheses
  • Myoelectric and pattern recognition (COAPT & Myo Plus) prostheses
  • Microprocessor prostheses such as the Rheo Knee, the Power Knee, C-legs, and Proprio Feet

We understand that it might be difficult to make decisions regarding your best course of action at this time. Patients and their families may be filled with grief, rage, anxiety, or uncertainty as a result of genetics, disease, or tragic accidents that have occurred. Medical and surgical experiences can be mentally and physically draining, and navigating the unfamiliar world of prosthetics can be overwhelming. Know that you are not alone. Thousands of others have overcome adversity and uncertainty, and you will as well.

We’re ready to get you back to doing the things that are important to you.

Call us today in the greater Cincinnati, tri-state area at (513) 843-5126 and in Columbus, Ohio at (614) 500-4215, or visit our Contact Page to send us a message.

Prosthetic Products & Services: